Apple to announce something big in early July


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Apr 12, 2004
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I was just checking out SpyMac and I was surprised they actually reported on something noteworthy... not to mention they beat MacRumors to the story :eek: That doesn't happen too often.

From SpyMac:

Apple earmarks early July for major announcement

Apple Computer has alerted some media/news networks to be prepared for major announcements from the company in early July.

According to HardMac (English translation for Le MacBidouille), some products should be announced on or before July 7th. Speculation based on Steve Jobs' WWDC Keynote earlier this month is that the new product(s) to be released will probably be a revolutionary software and/or hardware.

AppleInsider is reporting that industry sources believe the event may coincide with the launch of iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting support, which was speculated to released by the first week of July. “Sources also tell AppleInsider that the event could also play host to new iPod offerings, which may include second-generation iPod shuffles and possibly fifth-generation iPods.”

There is no indication where the Apple event on July 7 will be held.