Apple to Begin Selling iPhones in India Directly Through Its Website This Year


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple will begin selling iPhones directly through its website in India later this year, according to local newspaper The Economic Times.

Apple plans to make the iPhone SE available on its online store by October, in time for the Indian festival Diwali, followed by other iPhone models once it expands local production to include the rest of its smartphone lineup.

Apple manufacturing partner Wistron is expected to begin iPhone SE assembly at its Bengaluru facility by the end of June, satisfying India's requirement that 30 percent of products sold by foreign companies be manufactured or produced within the country. Thus, the iPhone SE can soon be sold on Apple's website in India.

Wistron will begin assembling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s over the coming weeks too, The Wall Street Journal previously reported, so those older models could eventually be added to Apple's online store in India as well.

Apple's website in India currently has a "Where to Buy" page for all iPhone models, directing users to resellers Airtel and Vodafone.

Apple may also sell some accessories sourced from India on its online store in the country, according to today's report.

Apple is expected to open its first physical retail store in India as early as 2018, and the company is reportedly looking to open four to five flagship-class stores in the country over the next five to ten years.

Article Link: Apple to Begin Selling iPhones in India Directly Through Its Website This Year
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Jul 12, 2016
Think it will be DOA. It's ancient hardware by then by tech standards
Dead technology doesn't mean an iPhone can't be sufficient for The consumer market in India. The iPhone SE as it is currently isn't even current with some of the latest iPhone technology. You also didn't take into consideration the affordable price point that follows the SE when in comparison to the iPhone models, which would be more equitable in India's consumer market.
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Sep 15, 2014
By October, the iPhone SE will be almost 2 years old. Will people there buy it?
India is a pretty price sensitive market, the ones who can afford will definitely be upgrading to the 7/8 or the next big thing and as long as the SE will be surprisingly cheap enough to compete with Chinese Android phones, then they just might be able to pull it off.. which am not too sure about either as most would probably prefer jumping to 6/S for bigger screen alone.

To be honest here in Mumbai, I have hardly seen anyone with an SE but instead 5S is still going strong with most of the ones ready to switch to 6/S or higher once their beloved phone gives up or they run out of the messy 16gb.


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Dec 7, 2009
By October, the iPhone SE will be almost 2 years old. Will people there buy it?
Is there any possibility that there will be an iPhone SE2 released this year, same or similar cast updated internals, and that is what Apple will manufacture and sell in India?


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May 30, 2002
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Pricing and enticing the upper class will be paramount.

Ad's featuring weddings (season I hear is almost done there), singers/musicians, those in Government (well loved by the people), the very wealthy potentially. I see good things down the road in India - MUCH more surprising than many American's think of there.