Apple to drop Pro Apps?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by MichaelThomas, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Jan 15, 2008
    I can't imagine this ever happening. Nothing but a "Rumor!" :D

    They could just as easily go the other direction of buying up some hardware company like MOTU (which would be great as far as I'm concerned), and then they'd have the computers, the software and all of the hardware. They'd be the total package.
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    wow, that is the definition of FUD!

    I'd say 100% false. There's no way that they can drop FCP without killing a significant portion of their hardware sales. Their updates/announcements at NAB last year put them into a position to seriously compete with AVID in the last few areas of video production that they have been lacking in. I've been hoping that FC Server will be another piece of that puzzle and will really open FCS up to multi-seat editing environments (the one thing really keeping AVID alive).
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    Not only is this false, its down right stupid. The BBC runs totally off of FCP and in the U.S. Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TNT, CN, etc) is also moving toward using FCP exclusively. I know this for a fact.

    The truth is that more consumers are taking Apple products seriously not because they're abandoning any pro user groups, but things like the iPhone, iPod, iTMS etc have shown people that there's a better way to use a computer. Your computer should be a comfortable tool and not an annoying impediment.
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    That wouldn't stop Apple dumping it if they wanted to. If they did dump it there would be a buyer.

    Having said that, I don't think the rumour is true
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    Jan 8, 2008
    I think the rumour is a joke, but as Apple are a business. Business want to make a profit as do the shareholders- anything is possible. The reason why I see a problem with the rumour is- I can't see a buyer who could afford Apple's probable asking price. The Pro apps are a big part of Apples business and are highly valued.

    Final Cut Pro will never compete with Avid on a head to head basis. Anyone who has actually sat down and used both platform will tell you that straight off. Avid is still the big player in the world of Post-production- and will remain so. What FCP has done has brought the cost of good quality post-production down as well as allowing rushes and some offline cutting on location. In terms of Online and colour correction, Apple still has a way to go to compete with Avid and Autodesk in my view.

    QUOTE=wiz7dome;4976726]Not only is this false, its down right stupid. The BBC runs totally off of FCP and in the U.S. Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TNT, CN, etc) is also moving toward using FCP exclusively. I know this for a fact.

    The BBC do not totally run on FCP. Planet Earth was cut on a Autodesk system and a lot of work is done on Avid systems still. FCP has become part of the BBC workflow and they plan to expand the use to help reduce running costs. FCP is also part of the BBC ambiton to go to a tapless workflow in the future. As well as that, the BBC are making less and less programming themselves and buying in content from companies. These companies still get programming cut on Avid and FCP- it all depends on what is best for the production.
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    I wouldn't say "never will compete". FCP is steadily gaining more marketshare, and as long as Apple continues to make improvements (especially with media management, xsan, Color, etc) it will continue to gain. Phenomenon (rumored to be coming this year) could give them a boost too if it's really well done and integrates well with FCS.

    Also, I've used both FCP and Avid Media Composer and as far as the actual editing goes, I think FCP is much better. It still has a way to go with media management (this is most people's biggest complaint iirc) and some other things, but in a few years FCP will be even more popular.

    Yeah, I'll agree with that. But like I said, if Apple keeps improving FCP more and more people will start adopting it.

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