iPad mini "Apple to Launch iPad Mini With Full-HD LCD"

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    Apple to Launch iPad Mini With Full-HD LCD

    Apple [1] Full HD LCD [2] iPad Mini [3] Products & Technologies [4]
    Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
    Korea IT Times (info@koreaittimes.com) [5]
    Seoul, Korea - Apple is launching premium class iPad Mini with full HD LCD in the second half this year.

    With the unexpected success in sales of iPad Mini aimed at the low-price smartpad market, the company seems to be diversifying its line-up even further. As Apple gives more weight to 7-inch smartpad, the whole smartpad market trend is expected to be affected.

    According to the trade, Apple had asked LG Display and Japan Display to develop QVGA (2048x1536) class 7.85-inch LCD. It was also known that the request also asked for more than 400 pixels per inch (ppi) - when realized, it will be the first case to build a smartpad with a display over 400ppi.

    A display trade expert anticipated that the demand for high value-added LCDs will grow sharply once the smartpads start to come with full HD displays.

    Apple’s display vendors are expected to invest in the low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) process during the first half this year to manufacture the full HD LCD for smaller iPads, because the displays with full HD resolution requires LTPS processing instead of the current amorphous silicon (a-Si) type processing.

    Meanwhile, the HD LCD Apple is seeking for is likely to be applied to its iPad Mini 3, for Apple has already finished product development of iPad Mini 2 and is preparing for the full-production. The Mini 2 is known to come with 326ppi display at the price tag in USD 400s.
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    This Korean source is more detailed and specific, I think.
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    2048x1536 is more than the requirement for Full HD.
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    Give me portability, nice weight, ram, etc. first. I can make do with a little better resolution last over current mini so long as the others aren't compromised too much. And I want a good price. :)
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    Well, fair enough.

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