Apple to use stripped down iPad mini as Apple Watch store display unit

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by ryansimmons323, Mar 18, 2015.

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    According to documents filed by Apple to the FCC, it appears that they are planning to use a stripped down iPad mini 2 (with a rubber rear) as an Apple Watch store display unit.

    There is a filling for a model A1622 'Tablet Device' that is essentially a modified iPad mini.

    According to one document, Apple is requesting a 'Permissive Change' to a previous product, A1489 (the iPad mini 2) to make some alterations for a store display unit.

    See the filling for yourself here.
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    They needed to file with FCC for a display model, even when it's not for sale?
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    The last time I was in an Apple store all of the staff was using mini-ipads to schedule and mark appointments and to track the line. It makes sense for Apple to make a cheaper one targeted to their in store needs.
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    Intent of public sale is irrelevant. It's a modified manufactured device that emits radio waves.
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