Apple Tops $10 Billion in App Store Payouts, 1 Million Daily Retail Store Visitors

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    At Apple's keynote at Worldwide Developers Conference today, CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce some milestones for Apple's App Store as well as its retail store, noting that Apple has now paid developers over $10 billion.

    Cook mentioned that the momentum of the App Store is "incredible," with $5 billion being paid out in the past year. Cook also highlighted that the figure was "three times more than all other platforms combined." Cook announced that the App Store has 575 million store accounts, saying that Apple thinks it has more accounts with credit cards than anyone else on the Internet.

    Those accounts have downloaded 50 billion apps, with 900,000 apps and 93% of those apps downloaded each month.

    In addition to its digital stores, Cook said that Apple's retail stores have also seen success with 1 million visitors daily and 407 stores in 14 countries. Cook then introduced a video featuring the new Apple Store Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, which includes a renovated theater that Apple will use for events.

    Article Link: Apple Tops $10 Billion in App Store Payouts, 1 Million Daily Retail Store Visitors
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    $10 billion, 900,000 apps! ::eek::D
    mind blowing! congratulations apple, you succeeded because of your awesome hard work, you deserved this. Good job!
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    Unless I misunderstood him, I think that Cook said that the theater was in the building but not part of the store, and that it would be used for community events, such as plays, concerts, etc. I don't think Apple is going to control the venue.

    As far as the $10B in dev payouts, I think that a lot of people lose sight of how huge this is. Sure, it means a lot to Apple, because that $10B means that they've made $3B, before paying overhead and support costs for the App Store infrastructure. But think about just how much this model has done for the economy. That's $10B in the coffers of mostly small developers, many of whom wouldn't otherwise have a way to bring their products and ideas to market. At the very least Apple has made it much, much easier for them.

    Keep this in mind next time someone starts talking about the big, mean corporation that is Apple...

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