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Divine Comedy

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Jul 12, 2009
The following article was translated from Mandarin to English. If you wish to view the original article (in Mandarin), the link is available at the bottom.

[China Times] – Although there are many reports that highlight the new iPhone debut during the last month as well as Steve Jobs’ return, Jobs will not face any new product shortage, at least not for this year. Taiwan’s high-tech supply chain companies said Apple will debut its first netbook in October; Apple will pose itself to tackle the Christmas shopping season. Three corporations – Foxconn, Wintek, Dynapack have received direct orders from Apple. (Wintek will be producing touch screens and providing relevant technologies for Apple.) In addition, some supply chain companies have privately confirmed deals related to netbooks (Direct quote: "台灣科技供應鏈廠商透露,蘋果小筆電將於10月登場").

During the past several years, there have been countless rumors about Apple competing in the netbook market, but this year, Apple formally finalized orders for netbooks. According to past patterns, Apple normally holds news conference showcasing new products in October, announcing new products for the upcoming shopping season. Last year, for example, new Macbooks (and upgrades) were announced…

According to reliable information, Apple will not follow the current market trend (by producing netbooks with screens about 10.2 or 10.1 inches in diagonal length.) Instead, Apple will produce screens with about 9.7 inches in diagonal length. Touch screen will be installed. Wintek will be the main manufacturer of the touch screen.

In addition, although most of Foxconn’s Macbook orders were gobbled up by Quanta due to fierce competition between the two corporations, Foxconn will be the main manufacture for Apple’s new netbooks, since Foxconn cooperated with Apple on designing and ultimately manufacturing iPhone.

Because Apple will adopt touch screen technology on its netbooks, Apple will not target low-end consumers, avoiding direct competition with Acer, Asus, as well as their less-than-500-dollars netbooks. Apple’s netbook (or a "tablet" as many call it,) will probably be sold at around $800 USD each.

(News source: Business Times reporter ─黄智铭/ Taipei)

Original article (in Mandarin):

Update 1: Spokesmen of Foxconn, Wintek, Dynapack refuse to corroborate information about possible netbook deals, reiterating their company policies, which prohibit public disclosure of client information.
Update 2: There were unconfirmed rumors that British reporters obtained information about netbook deals from several Foxconn employees. In order to confirm the validity of this information, these reporters later contacted Foxconn privately, and received positive information. There have been numerous reports in Taiwan about deals between Apple and Foxconn. (Article 1 (Chinese) Article 2 (Chinese) Article 3 (Chinese) Article 4 (Chinese))
Update 3: The screen size of the new netbooks was said to be based on that of Amazon's Kindle.
Update 4: The netbooks were likely described in its 2005 patent


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May 22, 2009
I thought MBA was Apple's netbook already.

The MBA is so Apple can say "We made a notebook that fits in a Manila envelope, how about that Dell!" Oh, but Dell also made a thin notebook.

If Apple is planning on releasing a netbook the prices should be similar to the Mac Mini like $599/$799. Or atleast $699/$899 because it comes with a screen, keyboard, etc.


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Oct 30, 2002
San Diego, CA
A 9.7 inch screen suggests a SMALL keyboard. I know they mention touchscreen, but one of the biggest complaints I've read on netbooks is their small, non-standard-sized keyboards. If Apple wants to introduce a netbook I was hoping for something with an 11" or 12" display and a standard sized keyboard (or one that is very close to standard size). Sure, they could use a small screen and have a big bezel surrounding it, but that would just be stupid (IMO).


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Mar 16, 2009
besides that goofy flowchart that was floating around...

can someone define "netbook", please?


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Oct 2, 2008
my guess is that this will take over the macbook name. i dont know what will happen to the current white macbook. all im hoping for is a touchscreen and a physical keyboard. maybe even an adjustable screen that fold over the keyboard and become a tablet.


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Jun 28, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
I hope to hell that Apple does not enter the netbook market, as they already said. The iPhone/iPod touch IS their netbook. Unless they come up with something crazily innovative (i.e. nothing less inventive than a collapsable computer), they will end up creating a crappy product. Is that not Apple's worst fear?


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May 31, 2008
Cali baby!
Piece of crap worthless for everything except the Internet.

Also, I don't believe this. Apple touts a full-size keyboard, and you can't HAVE THAT on a computer this small.

when this ends up being true and Apple uses their Apple Mischief to solve the keyboard issue i would really LOVE to see the look on your face.

Perhaps this will be a bold attempt by Apple to make a notebook without a keyboard? Similar to a phone without buttons (iPhone)?

I'm not sure if it's a netbook coming, but i do believe some new product with a 9.7 inch (or whatever) screen is on the way!

Tallest Skil

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Aug 13, 2006
1 Geostationary Tower Plaza
when this ends up being true and Apple uses their Apple Mischief to solve the keyboard issue i would really LOVE to see the look on your face.

One of disgust, and I'd never buy the thing.

Perhaps this will be a bold attempt by Apple to make a notebook without a keyboard? Similar to a phone without buttons (iPhone)?

Oh, so a tablet? Now THAT I would buy. I do NOT want a physical keyboard that small, but a virtual one is fine.

Bring on the MacTablet.


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Jun 11, 2009
Newark, DE
I for one would be very excited to see some sort of Apple netbook-device precisely because I know Apple will have to make it different somehow. It won't just be a tiny lap-top running OSX, they would never do that.

I think they must have something interesting up their sleeve. They have to beat standard-netbooks, the MBA, and the iPhone/iPod touch.

However, between my iPod Touch and MBP, I feel anything else would be an awkward 3rd wheel/a bit excessive.

I'm sure I'll want one anyway.


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Sep 7, 2006
Texas, unfortunately.
Everyone said I should wait for the Apple netbook that was coming "inevitably", instead of buying a Windows based netbook. I'm glad I didn't. Even if it's true, there's no way I'd pay $800 for one, much less be able to afford it.

I don't see an $800 netbook selling too well.

Shake 'n' Bake

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Mar 2, 2009
I'm all for a netbook as long as it has a full size keyboard and doesn't perform like crap, i.e. it'll run intensive iMovie renderings in a reasonable time.

Apple won't make anything without a full size keyboard (except the iPhone). It's been a selling point of Apple notebooks for years.

I won't buy it if it has a single core Atom or a dual core Atom. I want a Core 2 Duo or better.

And I don't want to pay a premium for it. These days Apple uses the same parts as everyone else so I don't see why It can't be ~$400. But someone, can't remember who, said Apple doesn't know how to make a sub-$500 computer that isn't a piece of crap.


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Aug 25, 2007
I believe a $799 MacBook/Netbook would do well. Particularly if they were otherwise innovative with it;

Dual boot OS into iPhone interface for touch functions
Integrated Gobi chipset for multi-carrier data radios

Twist and swivel screen that finally gives us a MacBook touch tablet name a few.

Shake 'n' Bake

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Mar 2, 2009
Can they put the chipset from the Macbook Air to this netbook?

You know there is a difference between a chipset and a motherboard, right? If you meant motherboard, then sure, I'm sure it would fit; it's the size of a mouse. Literally.

Oh, an I forgot to mention that I will not buy anything that runs the iPhone OS other than the iPhone and iPT. I'll also be the first to complain here about it if it is true.
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