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Sep 21, 2010
I keep seeing that Nvidia developer statement that Apple must approve all drivers for MacOS. That just seems flatly untrue. Maybe it's true in the context of what drivers are included in MacOS, but Nvidia has been distributing drivers on their own for quite a while, and there are KEXTs all over the place that clearly Apple would never approve.


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Jul 24, 2011
United States
I must admit, i have pretty much lost faith in the Nvidia 980Ti with EFI flash receiving drivers from 10.14. Not only is the upgrade process cumbersome, but is technically not feasible considering the requirements of APFS and 10.13 being a prerequisite for upgrading.

If 10.14 had much to add to the table, i would be quite frustrated, but as it stands, 10.12 is working just fine on my machine, and I have little reason to upgrade. With the FileVault loopholes that need to be taken, and the RAID stipulations that must be followed, the cons outweigh the pros in upgrading. Not to mention I use BTTM regularly, so this would be an inconvenience.

I will probably run 10.12 until it reaches unsupported status and receives no additional security updates. 10.12 is very stable and has uptimes for months if no critical update require a reboot.

10.14 is also stable as i have it on some MacBooks that I own, but I personally would not turn around for the difference.
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