Apple TV 2 audio - Optical to Analog & other speaker options

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    I have an the apple tv 2 connected to a monitor with an HDMI to DVI cable. The picture is great but my monitor does not have speakers, nor does it have HDMI or auido out of any sort. I was thinking of using the optical jack to plug into some speakers, but there are some questions I have about that.

    1. Optical to 3.5mm analog? I have some existing speakers I can use but the input is AUX as a 3.5mm analog headphone jack. I don't know of any cable that converts optical to 3.5mm analog. I think I could get a bunch of converters but that would be expensive and I'm not sure how well it would work. Is there a cable that can do this conversion?
    2. Speakers with optical input? I am considering purchasing speakers that take audio in. This setup is in my bedroom and so I don't want giant speakers and an amplifier. I just need simple speakers or a small soundbar that would take optical in. I was thinking of something like this but it appears to also need an analog input (RCA in back or analog 3.5mm in front). Do you know of any speakers that are small (hopefully okay sounding) that would take optical or optical mini in (I know an optical toslink to 3.55 optical mini cable exists).
    3. Is there a wireless solution? Because of where my new apple tv setup is placed ideally I would like to have speakers on the other side of the room (then they could be bigger) but the only way I would want to accomplish this is wirelessly. I had a chat with somone ont he apple site and they said that ATV2 will only connect with audio out through a cable (HDMI or optical) not wirelessly.

    Anyone have any ideas of what I could do?
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    Thanks for that!

    Thanks for this post, I think this may be helpful in my setup. I have a pair of B&O powered speakers (awesome) that are hooked up through my TV's headphone out jack which is hooked up to ATV2 through HDMI. (at least on my TV this was the only option that let me control the volume) This works,but the sound quality is a little off (its much better hooking up an iPod directly to the powered speakers). Did you try one of these converters? How's the quality? Eventually, I plan to swap the ATV2 in this setup for an updated Mac mini (waiting.....) though this plan might not work out, as my wife really likes the ATV2.
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    You mentioned you already had speakers with analog inputs, so you can make those work for a very modest investment. If you're willing to buy new speakers with optical in, that would be a cleaner (though pricier) setup.

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