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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Dobbs2, Dec 3, 2010.

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    I've had the first apple tv for over a year and love it. That being said I'm moving and got/wanted another so I could move the old one to the bed room for the wife.

    Opened up my ups package today to see my new toy. Let me just say this thing surprised me by how small it is. It's about a fourth of the size of the old one this sucker is tiny which is not a bad thing especially since my entertainment center is full of other stuff. This thing is definitely faster at buffering and streaming than the old one. Netflix is nice so far I don't to have the wife turn on the xbox or ps3 when she wants to watch movies. I did notice that some movies are only offered in sd on the apple tv and on the xbox and ps3 they always say hd and appear close to cable or satellite quality.

    This I would like to improve

    GUI seems weird to me now I don't like the computers tab. It flowed better the other way.

    I wish it could have hulu plus and espn 3 and I'd be set.

    All in all for $99 it's a steal.
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    I get HD on my Netlix on the Apple TV2 - I believe its based on the network speed when it is loaded (so if your doing something else on your network it may get only the SD, try it with no computes or anything else accessing the net when you first load the tab section and see if that helps).

    I like having the computers in its own menu - before if I was watching a film it showed on the main page when you turned it on - convenient yet potentially embarrassing (I have two iTunes libraries to hide stuff I dont want others seeing).

    I want Hulu as well. I can finally ditch DirectTV once that happens:)
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    Jun 5, 2008
    Well On things like the office in my instant queue its always say offered in hd under the title. on things like on the movie gamer it shows only offered in sd.
    My connection shouldn't be the problem. I have 24mbps down and 3 mbps up.

    On the xbox before it starts it has like max bars and says hd and on the ps3 if you pause the movie it says hd, but on the apple tv when you are selecting the movies it only has sd on certain movies.

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