Apple TV 3 - where is a downloaded movie stored?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GilesM, Dec 28, 2012.

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    for a year or so i have used my Apple TV3 to stream music from my iMac.
    I do not rent movies or TV programmes. A friend of mine got an Apple TV3 for Xmas and asked me a question I could not answer.
    When he buys a movie it starts downloading, but to where does it download? in to itunes on his computer or into RAM memory on the Apple TV3? Or in the cloud?

    As I have never rented a movie, I did not know the answer.
    The last time I downloaded a movie it was in the old Apple TV version 1 days and the movie was stored on the hard disk. In these days of Apple TV3, where is the movie held?

    Any volunteers?
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    The movie is already on Apple's servers, a copy is never made on their servers. Simply, your Apple ID now has this movie associated with it. Say it's movie #99144522, your Apple ID now has the movie #99144522 associated with it as paid (or rented).

    The movie is downloaded to your Apple TV in it's small 8(?)gb memory. You can watch the movie immediately, or if you download something else, this movie is erased from the Apple TV memory.

    When you request the movie again, say 2 months later, it's no longer on your Apple TV, presumably, because you've watched other movies in that time. A request is made to Apple's servers with your Apple ID, and Apple says you're authorized to view this movie, and it's downloaded again to your Apple TV (or whatever device you're requesting the movie from)
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    Alternatively, you can go download it on iTunes at any time by going to the store, clicking on "Purchased" on the right hand side, going to "Movies" and then downloading. You can even filter on movies "not on this computer" or something, to identify everything that is in the cloud only.
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    It has 8Gb of internal memory it will store it their temporarily or if the stream is fast enough it will stream directly.
  5. JGRE, Dec 28, 2012
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    thanks for the information - I will pass it on!

    So, the conclusion is, if ordered via a computer running iTunes it can be stored in iTunes on that computer and streamed to the ATV 3.
    If ordered via ATV3 it can be stored on the 8GB built in memory until played or streamed if watched immediately.
    Is that a good summary?
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    Yeap! u got it!
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    Like Imahawki said, if you buy the film through the aTV, you can also go to your computer later and download the movie for local storage. Apple recommends this since they can't guarantee that the movie studios will always allow them to make the movies you buy available to stream from iCloud.
  10. JGRE, Dec 29, 2012
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    But you had said it *didn't* have any storage, which is not true. Also, there probably aren't many movies bigger than 8 GB. I have Dances With Wolves in HD which is 3 hours long and it's only 6.34 GB. Only very long movies will be over 8 GB which is probably pretty rare.
  12. JGRE, Dec 29, 2012
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    Mine is the 1080P iTunes version.

    Green Hornet on iTunes in 1080p - 4.16 GB
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on iTunes in 1080p - 4.06 GB
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon on iTunes in 1080p - 6.30 GB

    Since you're searching The Pirate Bay, I'd assume that's where you got your totals from which doesn't apply here, since we are discussing renting movies from iTunes and using the Apple TV.
  14. JGRE, Dec 29, 2012
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    From GilesM:

    "As I have never rented a movie, I did not know the answer."

    Do you think he's talking about renting them from somewhere other than iTunes on an Apple TV?
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    simply put ... if u start playing a movie from the store on your apple tv its temporarily stored on the built in flash so u dont have to buffer all over again if u go back to the main menu or movie list etc
  18. JGRE, Dec 30, 2012
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    I removed all my post on this topic because this is no longer about apple stuff.
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    reply to hazy Cloud


    yes, the friend concerned is using iTunes Store, he does not get in to jailbraking or stuff like that, he has only just got the Apple TV and is sticking to the rules and 'standard apple' process.

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