Apple TV 3rd or 4th gen like first?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mountaindewbass, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Mar 11, 2013

    So i currently have two first gen apple tvs. There great, they do exactly what i want them to do. I have purchased an Apple Tv 2nd generation device and returned it, simply because if i had a tv series with multiple seasons i would have to click on each season rather then clicking on the tv show, then pick the season, then the show. I know this is a common question/problem with the new gen of Apple tv's.
    both my wife and I have ipad's and we currently use homesharing to watch content on our ipads..and the content is just a mess. Alot like how it is/was on the second gen apple tv. We have 6000+ tv shows, so some organization would be nice.

    all that for this question?
    Is there a way to jailbreak apple tv 3rd gen to be organized like the first gen of apple tv? Any idea if the new 4th gen apple tv coming out will allow it to be organized?

    I think if i had less content then i would be content to fix the metadata in itunes to work with the new apple tv's. But i have WAY to much content to even try that.

    Again the issue:
    I have a first gen and to watch a tv show, you first click the tv show name, then in the next screen you can scroll through episodes which are organized by seasons, then finally click the episode.
    How it is for homesharing and the last apple tv i tried. Every tv show is broken into pieces. So lets say i have 6 season of Dexter. Ill scroll to the D's and then there will be 6 different folders for Dexter, im trying to get it like it used to be.

    Thanks for the read.
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    No jailbrake for the ATV3's yet. The latest itunes update screwed up a few nice things. Try an older version to see if that helps. I wish I didn't update.

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