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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by IPadNParadise, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Of all days, I am having issues this morning. I tuned into my ATV4 to check the App Apple Event, to make sure it was all setup correctly to watch the WWDC live today. I have used this ATV just about every day with no issues until about a week ago. Unresponsive and I finally got it up and running upon plugging the remote in with my iphone charger to recharge HOWEVER, soon as I plugged it in, it became responsive and I checked the battery in Settings and it showed to have 73% usage left. So ?? Anyway, been using ATV since with no issues UNTIL checking it this morning. Dead as a doornail. First step, unplugging/replugging at least got the Home Screen to appear on my TV. All functions are still frozen, no ability to force restart even. Still the same after unplugging again.

    Sooo, once again I plug the Remote into my iphone charger. Immediately the Remote becomes responsive to work the ATV (4). Can I buy just a new Remote? Wont help for today but would for future use. Also I do have an iPad, would that larger charger be better to charge the ATV Remote.

    Sigh, I sure hope I get to watch the WWDC on my large screen TV VS my (but always trusty) iPad.
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    Yes. You can also download the remote app for iPhone and iPad.

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