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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by yogi477, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. yogi477 macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2002

    I’m really hoping someone can help as this is driving me insane.

    I got an Apple TV 4K at Christmas and love it when it works. However, periodically the speed of the internet connection through WiFi will just die to nothing. My WiFi speed is absolutely fine through all other devices and it will be fine for maybe a month or two at a time. In the past I’ve been able to restart it a few times and change the wireless channel on the router and that seems to fix it but now it’s been a couple of days and it’s useless.

    Apple Support have no idea what’s wrong with it and come up with stupid things like “4K content needs loads of bandwidth so it’s probably that”. I’m trying to play SD and the Speedtest app on the ATV shows 0 or very slow speed whereas every other device has plenty.

    I don’t think I’ve changed anything to make it do this. My old ATV was fine and no other device has ever had this issue with this router.

    Any ideas out there? Am I best just trying to exchange it?
  2. Audit13 macrumors 601


    Apr 19, 2017
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Are you able to try it with another router? The ATV is running the latest OS?
  3. BODYBUILDERPAUL macrumors 65816

    Feb 9, 2009
    Are you using 2.4Ghz which is very very prone to interference or 5Ghz?

    Try it with 5Ghz and assign it it's own name so that the Apple TV doesn't cheekily return to 2.4ghz.

    I have 350mbps fibre and the 2.4ghz drops from 352mbps to 0.6mbps for n hour or so every once in a while. It's so overcrowded and prone to interference. Avoid it lie the plague and try the 5ghz setting!
  4. Andrewtst macrumors 6502


    Oct 28, 2016
    Change to 5Ghz if you are connected to 2.4Ghz, also kindly make sure it is running in latest firmware.
  5. yogi477 thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2002
    OS is up to date. I can’t try another router but will try the interference thing and see if that sorts it. Thanks guys!
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    The router gives me and option for 20Mhz bandwidth and that’s it. Am I missing something?
  6. Michelasso macrumors 6502


    Feb 20, 2012
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    It seems to me it's more like you have an old router with no 5GHz signal, if that is all your getting. Personally I gave up using the WiFi. 6m far away and no matter the frequency the bandwidth goes down to unacceptable values. So I opted from some Powerline Adapters (PLA). These should be good at a reasonable price. Mine (ZyXEL 5206 V2), which are older, reach 200Mbps that are more than enough. Don't be fooled. The speed they declare in the PLA name (like 1.2Gbps) is totally fake.

    Then I have my ATV4K and NAS (and my MacBook, and my TV, and...) wired to the same Ethernet switch, and that gives me the full 1Gbps bandwidth in my room's LAN.

    Your other option could be to buy a better router. But I'll investigate a bit more if you aren't missing anything in the router configuration before forking out money. Even if PLAs are a very popular solution.
  7. priitv8 macrumors 68040

    Jan 13, 2011
    Yep. you are missing half the max speed of 802.11n wifi and up to 7/8 of 802.11ac.
    To get max wireless speed from these standards, your wifi access point has to support wide channels (up to 160MHz for ac) and as many radios as possible (up to 8 as well for ac).
    PS Most consumer devices do not implement these specification maximums, though. But your 20MHz is the pre-802.11n narrow-band signal and does not give you max speed of given wifi standard.
  8. mmomega macrumors 68040


    Dec 30, 2009
    DFW, TX
    Have you tried just a restart of the entire network?
    Start with the cable modem or DSL modem. Disconnect power for a good 30 count.
    As well as the WiFi router, same thing. Disconnect for 30 seconds or so.
    Disconnect power from AppleTV.

    You then start from a complete 'clean fresh restart' of all products and see if anything improved. Then you can start troubleshooting.

    My sister-in-laws DSL modem and WiFi router requires almost a weekly restart or her WiFi speeds pretty much drop to unusable.

    Also if possible just run a cable to the aTV and completely remove WiFi from as many things as possible. Hardwire anything you can.

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