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Oct 17, 2018
TL: DR Repaste or thermal tape your Apple TV to stop the freeze.

In all My Apple TV's have all been really very good, I'm a happy camper in general and even more so with the Black Apple TV's.
I've had 1-2 in my house since the early versions.

I've noticed that some apps seem to drive more activity and just recently there is a number of occasions when It really looks like My recent model A2169 Which is based on an A12 chip are overheating.

Long er movies particularly on HD streaming services @ 4K HDR or better, results in a stutter/ buffering then lock-up and frozen apps. Occasionally the Apple TV will recover but not before my fellow watchers call for a "reboot... reboot...reboot!" and on the chant goes.

So have you had any occasions lie this ?
OR do you just futz with wifi , reboot, and eventually upgrade ?

If you've had this happen then my experience may help you understand but probably not fix it unless you're handy with Torx drives, spudgers, and thermal tape.

Reply to this thread and I'll be happy to post more.

Full list of AppleTVs is here


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May 15, 2014
For those not in the know, this poster is talking about the 6th gen, 2021 model.
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