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    Hi guys

    I have ordered the Airport Express to connect it to my Libratone active speaker, to benefit from wireless music streaming.

    Now my question is, if I buy an Apple TV also, will my iPad stream the music to the Airport Express connected speaker or will the music be played from my TV? What I would like it to do, is to mirror the screen to my HDTV and stream the music to my Libratone speaker.

    Can anyone help?

    Kaare Nørregaard
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    When you initiate AirPlay on an iOS device you can only select one source at a time: the iOS device itself, AirPort Express, or AppleTV. If you want to mirror the iPad to your Apple TV, and simultaneously stream music to the AirPort Express speaker, you'll have to AirPlay the music from another iOS device or from a computer that is running iTunes.

    If you choose to AirPlay the music from iTunes you can always use the Remote App on your iPad to control the music stream (and volume) from iTunes to the AirPort Express speaker, while still being able to mirror your iPad to Apple TV.

    As you can see below, the AirPlay options are different when streaming directly from the iPad versus going through the Remote App. The Remote App does allow for multiple speakers when streaming out of iTunes, so I'm hoping a future iOS update will allow the same when AirPlaying directly from iOS devices.

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