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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tjl3, Oct 9, 2014.

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    What a strange day. Usually dealing with Apple is really pleasant. Anyway, the Apple TV I bought freezes on setup. I've tried swapping the battery in the remote, pairing an iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but nothing. Called Apple Support, they said to take it in to the Genius Bar and I'll be out in 5 minutes, they just need to reset the Apple TV or replace it for me. Or I could find a micro usb cable and do the reset myself. Figures, I have the one Apple device that is compatible with micro usb.

    Get to the Apple Store and I'm told, "No problem, we'll take care of this." But then the employee handling appointments walks up to me and tells me they aren't taking appointments, so I can make one for 2-3 days from now... or I can come back around closing and a Genius might be free... Really... 2-3 days?

    So I tell him, I want to return it instead. Then he proceeds to discourage me from returning it because it might not be broken, and if it is I should get a replacement not a brand new device. The device is less than a day old, mind you. Getting frustrated, I started arguing with him (getting louder) and he refuses to process my return until another employee comes over to see what the commotion is about. This was like him playing the game of the customer is not right. Who does that in this day and age?

    Needless to say, watching Netflix on my new Apple TV right now. Thankfully, that mess is over with.
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    Add one to the list, I'm sick of the spiel Apple gives you to discourage you from actually pursuing their full obligations.

    Last time I went through that spiel with Apple, apparently, a MacBook Pro only has a shelf life of 3 years and I should go out and spend another $2000 on a new machine rather instead of them fixing the fault with the logic board :rolleyes:

    I'm beginning to lose my faith with Apple and that's after owning Apple products of my own for nearly 15 years with the way they misguide consumers like that and it reeks of nothing but bad practice.

    The simple answer is, don't listen to their initial hard sell nonsense a product is only supposed to work a certain way, pursue their full obligations to you as a customer and that includes a full return or replacement unit within the grace period if you're not satisfied with it.

    I only feel sorry for the people who are conned by Apple into thinking Apple owes them no recompense, I feel no remorse for a company that has $137.1 Billion in cash which is more money than Vietnam's nominal GDP of $123.6 billion and yet it still tries to fob off its customers. If Apple were a country it would be richer than Vietnam and that's just on cash. On total market capital Apple's $518billion is only dwarfed by 18 other countries in the world.

    Pull the other one and call me stupid, but that's not how you go about retaining customers especially when you've got as much market capital as Switzerland.
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    I believe this is why they hired Angela Ahrendts. To change the atmosphere of the retail stores.
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    Wow that's some crappy customer service. I had the quite the opposite, actually pretty much an in and out in 10 minutes when my Apple TV wouldn't power on anymore. They hooked it up to one of their Macs, didn't get anywhere, and just gave me a new one.

    Hopefully this replacement won't cause any problems.

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