Apple TV and VLC


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Mar 9, 2011
I have been searching on the forum, but it doesn't sound like someone can provide me with a definitive answer. I have a complete Apple environment- a early 2011 mbp, 2012 mba, 2 iphones (4s and 4), and 1 2012 ipad. My network is running on airport extreme.

I would like to use the Apple TV (3 gen) to utilize airplay and play movies using VLC using my mbp and mba to mirror on my home theater system. These are movies that are not in itunes. But I have in .mkv, .avi, .divx, etc. format stored on the mbp and mba.

Is this currently possible? Based on information from the forum - it sounds like audio (5.1) may be an issue or not entirely possible?


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Mar 8, 2012
I haven't tried it but apparently only using AirParrot you can share a window inside OS X to then AirPlay "Mirror" on the ATV.
Except for that you either have the choice to Mirror the entire screen using AirParror (or similar software) on < Mountain Lion, OR using ML's very own AirPlay mirroring.
For me that solution sucks since I basically would have a "useless" MAc while streaming to the ATV.

But that's what somebody said the other day in a topic of mine, but to be honest I've lost all will, I think the ATV was a terrible buy (3rd Gen) unless they jailbreak it someday and it seems like nobody cares.

PD: Oh I almost forgot. There is an app (forgot the name) that some woman made, but it works by selecting movie by movie and it didn't work as fast as I expected on the tests I made.
It's a free app that you can find on her site, can't recall.

Check this one out.


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May 27, 2008
it sends what you see on the computer screen, so if you see it on your laptop, you will see it on your TV.

there is no 5.1


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Aug 27, 2012
Video Mirroring works all day.

The problem is with 5.1 - I've been playing with VLC and no luck.

While VLC allows you to select the different audio tracks embedded within the video file (good sign), AND ATV3 configuration shows DOLBY DIGITAL auto/on (another good sign).

... what I don't like is when I ask my AIR's SystemPreference->Audio, it won't let me select the Airplay audio output device AND under SystemInformation->Audio it shows AirPlay as a 2 channel output device. I have not yet updated to the last ATV3 firmware pending on community's experience.

Based on the above info, it looks like VLC is cool with it, ATV3 is cool with it. The sending device, in this case the audio AirPlay driver on my ML is the one that is saying, "you output 2 channel through this and that's that." MY EDUCATED GUESS.


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Jun 21, 2011
I just got a 2012 macbook pro and I've been playing with VLC and Plex over Airplay mirroring. It seems that my computer can only send the image to my tv when it is within 5 feet or so.

I wanted to to airplay mirroring with my iMac but I won't have my mac anywhere near the living room. Any ideas for fixs?