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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by johnryjr, Jan 13, 2013.

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    My setup might be a little confusing. First, I have an Airport Express that I use as my router, and I have a set of speakers plugged into the audio jack. I also have an Apple TV 3.

    I know I can go into "Computer" and use Airplay to send the audio to my speakers. I can't seam to send audio to my Apple TV from my Mac or iPhone, and then to my speakers. The reason I would do this is for the album art to display on my TV. I keep my speakers separate from my Apple TV so that I don't need it to listen to music.


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    There's no built in solution to stream to multiple devices from your iPhone... Why not just stream to the AppleTV and turn the TV off when you don't want to see the album artwork?
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    From your mac, you have to select multiple speakers and select your apple tv and your airport express. If you don't want music on the apple tv you have to just mute or turn the volume down via tv or iTunes. From your iPhone, you have to do the same thing but you can't use the music app and the music on your phone. You have to download the official apple remote app. From the remote app you pick the library of music you want to use, which would be your computer iTunes library. So your playing the music off your computer either way but you can always use you iPhone to control iTunes and the volume output to each source.
    Hopefully apple will add the capabilities to stream to multiple devices from the iphone eventually. There may be a jailbreak tweak or app that lets you do it, if you have a jailbroken device.
    Also the apple tv can't send audio to the airport express. So you might be better off hooking the speakers up to the tv so you can use them for music and videos. If they are computer speakers, I know there is an adapter that goes from rca out from the tv to headphone jack input to plug the speakers into. One set of my computer speakers actually came with it. Then eventually get another set of speakers for another room and put the airport express there!
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