Apple TV constant "Verification Required" message

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jonnyb098, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Figured I would reach out to all the macrumors peeps on this one.


    Constantly getting "Verification Required" on my Apple TV 2. I have been back and forth with Apple for two weeks about this. It all started when updating to the latest Apple TV software about 3 weeks ago. I have constantly had to verify my payment info. Soon after the message just keeps popping up at random or when trying to rent on iTunes from my Apple TV. It's also starting to pop up on my other devices. The only solution is to completely stay logged out of iTunes on Apple TV, only then can I re-enter my credit card info and it actually works.

    This is a horrible bug in the latest software and Apple is giving me the typical email runarounds since they have no phone support for iTunes.
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    I have this same problem with my Apple TV 2. It's so annoying that we have stopped using our ATV because, once the message pops up on your ATV you HAVE to verify your payment info before you can make a purchase on any iOS device. The message would pop up about every few minutes on our ATV, not while we were watching anything but, the second we went back to the menus, it would pop up. I have about 35 notification emails from apple because I've verified my info so much. This needs to be fixed quick or it's bye bye ATV.
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    Possible solution

    I too encountered this issue and it is very annoying. I encountered this issue with an apple tv 2. I was getting the notification minutes after inputing the code.

    I tried all sorts of things to fix the problem. I changed what credit card I have on record in the iTunes store. I tried logging out and logging in on the problem apple tv. I tried restoring the problem apple tv. None of these worked.

    I took the below steps and have not had the popup for twenty-four hours.

    1) Deregister your credit card from the iTunes store. You do this by going to the iTunes screen where you input your verification code and selecting none as your payment type.
    2) Logged out of the iTunes store on all of my devices (computers, apple tvs, and i devices)
    3) Cycled power on the apple tv that was giving me the problem.
    4) Logged the problematic apple tv back into the iTunes store.
    5) Attempted to make a purchase. Received a notification that I needed payment verification because I had no payment type on record.
    6) Went to a computer, logged into iTunes store, and entered a valid credit card as a payment type.
    7) Went back to problematic apple tv and made a purchase.
    8) Logged all other devices back into the iTunes store.

    I am not sure if any of these steps are optional, but it seems to have worked for me. I hope this process works for you.
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    Thanks, I will try this. The fact that anyone has to attempt this is completely RIDICULOUS!
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    I tried this as well going so far as to logging out of all devices as opposed to just Apple TV and it worked for a short while before failing. The thing I've noticed is that when the error creeps up again and I go into iTunes to address, the payment information I've deleted/removed has been populated again. The Apple Support Communities had a couple different variations on this but so far, I haven't had any luck.
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    Apple TV constant "Verification Required" message

    Yes I get this too. Seems to be a bug with the update - best solution is to NOT download the update!

    Non of the suggestions listed here (yet) will solve this problem - APPLE ARE YOU LISTENING?
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  8. canyptian, Oct 21, 2012
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    Had same frustration - think I fixed it....

    I went to my PC/Mac and went to iTunes account screen.

    On the bottom it states you can "Reset all warnings for buying and downloading". Do this.

    On my iphone, iPad and ATV I was constantly getting this request to verify account and input credit card security code, and since resetting, I've not had this issue.

    Good luck.
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    Hoping this works

    Same dang problem for me too :mad: I will be trying your solution .. hoping it works for me too... Thanks,

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