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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by christarp, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Oct 29, 2013
    Hey, so I have an Apple TV and when I stream anything from my mac or pc or ios device the apple tv eventually falls out of sync.

    So say I have a playlist of like 20 songs, by about song 10 or any other song it'll cut off on the apple tv, but the song keeps playing in itunes and the apple tv slider for the songs time is still moving, but nothing is coming out of the speakers. The only way to fix this is to back out of the song and restart a new song, that seems to get it working again and it'll play another 10-20 songs before doing it all over again.

    To be clear, I'm choosing apple tv in itunes airplay settings and playing from itunes instead of loading the library directly on the apple tv.

    This is on an ATV2. It can stream videos and stuff for hours on end, but something about the audio is tripping it up, it's as if itunes stops sending it new songs to play after a while and it just finishes up what it had left in the buffer until I "wake up" the network by manually playing a new song or something. Anyone else experienced this?
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    I am having some of the same symptoms as you. If you look around on this and other forums you will see reports of the same.

    For me, I have issues airplaying from ios7 on an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Music will play for 10, 15 even 30 minutes but eventually will stop. The time counter is still incrementing on the phone, but nothing is happening. If I hit pause and then play it begins playing from the phone.

    When I airplay from my 2012 macbook pro (latest Mavericks), I seem to be able to play music indefinitely. Note that my macbook is wired, but the ATV3 is on wifi.

    As we speak I am airplaying an HD movie from the macbook to the ATV3. It has stopped playing twice. I just restarted the ATV from the menu, and will see if that helps any. My ATV is running the latest firmware.

    I've seen one or two folks claim they have downgraded back to the 5.X firmware on their ATV and it has fixed their issues. I don't know if I feel that motivated. I must admit than when my devices were on ios6 and the ATV was on 5.X firmware I don't remember any issues.

    Just wanted to post this so you'd know other folks were having issues as well.

    EDIT: A few more points -- I ran wireless diagnostics on my macbook to make sure I was choosing a wifi channel that was interference free. I also downgraded my router firmware (WNR3500L) to what I had been using for the last year and a half (I had upgraded a few months back). I was just trying to eliminate possible causes.
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    Oct 29, 2013
    interesting! I've yet to figure out why this happens, but thanks for the input, glad to know I'm not alone!
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    Jun 28, 2009
    I have the same symptoms with my ATV2. All I do is go back to my MacMini or whatever device I'm streaming from, turn off AirPlay to the ATV and then turn it back on. Works every time.

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