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    Just found this....


    "Apple's patent applications have revealed some interesting possibilities for the Apple TV - including live TV recording.

    Currently, the Apple TV is little more than a fancy set-top box for streaming videos, music and photos from your computer to your living room television, with a dash of iTunes Store shopping from your sofa chucked in for good measure - but recent patents filed by the iPod-maker show that it's considering adding live TV functionality to the device.

    Presumably this would mean a couple of Freeview tuners integrated into the box (or added via USB), allowing users to watch one channel while recording another. While there's nothing particularly innovative about that, integrating it with a device that already streams media content and lets you rent hi-def movies (which it currently does in the US, and soon will in the UK) makes it sound pretty special. And being Apple, there's bound to be some sort of magic dust sprinkled somewhere to make it even more special.

    Patent applications don't always reach fruition, of course, so we shouldn't get too excited - but don't be too shocked if the next version of Apple TV is much more than a media streamer...

    We care because...
    Apple making a digital video recorder slash movie streamer? We're intrigued...

    We want one...
    Out TBC

    First I've seen about the patent application (or have I missed it on here?)

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