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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Jjaro, Sep 12, 2013.

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    I've been hearing little tidbits things here and there about how people think the Apple TV will eventually become some kind of gaming platform, I top of what it does now (no, Airplay doesn't count). Any thoughts on this? I think if it were to happen, it might destroy the current model of games being $60 a pop, but that also worries me. I want everything to be free-to-play, even if it IS a good business model for raking in profit.
  2. yinz macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2012
    Sony is coming out with a Vita TV, which I think would be hard to compete against since the games from a PSP and PSONE are way better in terms of game play.

    I think Apple could win with the Apple TV if it focuses on the features the device can do with the Mac and iDevices. I think this integration is what makes the Apple TV different from the rest. As a stand alone device, it's not very attractive. It sells best when packaged with those other devices because AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring is so useful. Remote app is cool too. If they can include more of these features, then I think the device will be good for $100.

    If not, then how would it compete against Vita TV (gaming), Chrome Cast (mirroing chrome) and/or Roku TV/Smart TV's (content/connectivity), which are all specialized in their respective areas at a price point to compete with the Apple TV. The only advantage the Apple TV has is that it connects with mirroring featuring right now which just kills it. It also streams iTunes stuff which is nice. None of the other devices does those two things seamlessly.

    If Apple could continue to develop this connection with its other devices and keep it at this low price point, then I think the device will be very popular as long as Macs and iDevices are around. It's pretty much guaranteed sell if they market it a bit with their other devices.

    Would a curious new buyer buy this device? No, but I think anyone who has a Mac or an iDevice would and that's already a lot of money.
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    Only if it's as powerful as the "real" gaming consoles and the popular franchises are ported to it. When I say ported, I mean there's an AppleTV version of a game like the latest version of Call of Duty that's exactly like the XBox and PS versions and not some watered down version like you'd see on an iPad.

    Otherwise, it will be like iPad gaming vs XBox/PS gaming. The former is geared more towards casual gamers and the latter is geared more towards the hardcore gamers.

    I hope we do see gaming come to the AppleTV but I don't think it will necessary do much to affect the hardcore gaming market if that's what you were getting at.
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    I'm banking on Apple putting in the new iPhone's A7 processor into the AppleTV, allowing it to have the power to do full gaming just as the iPhone and iPad can do. And with most TVs still putting out 1080p max resolution, I'm hoping that the A7 will offer quite a bit of power to make games like Infinity Blade 3 looks stunning on your home TV.

    I don't expect they'll make a new ATV specific to just gaming, but we'll have to wait it out and see.

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