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Mar 4, 2010
Long Island, NY
I was thinking of purchasing, any rumors of an update its been a little over a year, do we expect an update in 2017 anytime?



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Sep 23, 2012
No rumors, no announcements from Apple. If you really want one now, get a 3 month subscription to DirecTV Now and take advantage of getting one for free.
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Best guess on what a new model will bring is 4K hardware, on a newer generation AX processor. If you don't have a 4K television, you'll probably notice no difference (or very little difference).

Historically, Apple ignores these for a few years between updates. But even if you get one now and they roll out a new one soon, you can always sell the one you get now and put the money toward a new one. Resale is generally pretty good on :apple:TV.

You might think of it as "renting" full use of one for whatever the difference would be. If you had it 10 months before a potential upgrade, paid- say- $150 and then sold it for $100, you "rented" full use for only $5/month. There's plenty of joy in this little box, well worth more than $5 or $10/month.


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Mar 19, 2008
I really wouldn't worry about it...

Given what it does, they spec'd it plenty in the last revision and I'd be surprised if we see new ATV hardware until at least sometime in 2018.

They have way too many pans on the stove right now anyhow..
Would that improve apps much?

If by "that" you mean 4K in my answer, you'd need to define "improve"?

Would apps run more efficiently? Probably, but not because of 4K; instead, it will probably take newer Ax processor to be the heart of a 4K:apple:TV. It will probably be more powerful than the one in there now.

Would more apps be developed for the :apple:TV? Maybe, though I doubt 4K would lend much push for such development. Instead, I would think Apple showing further commitment to the platform and maybe some kind of perception that a 4K:apple:TV is going to sell more units than clinging to a 1080p-only :apple:TV might spur on some app developers to create and release more apps.

Would graphics of apps be improved? Probably but that's also more pixels to move in apps like games and video-source apps.

Conceptually, the next :apple:TV might fix some of the issues with the current one. For example, not everyone loves the remote as it is, so we might get a better remote.

On the other hand, video plays at the same pace whether the guts are improved ten or a hundred fold. Games will typically be timed to show some specific number of frames even if the hardware is capable rendering more. So app "improvements" might be nuance details you may or more not notice instead of something you really see or feel.

Again, it really comes back to defining "improve."

I share the same sentiment as post #7. If you want one, it's pretty cheap and resale tends to be great. If they are going to release a "5," it's probably next Fall at the earliest or, more likely still a few years out. If you buy one for about $150 and then sell it for about $100 when the next one is released, you paid $50 to "rent" one between now and then. If that's 10 months, that's only $5/month. If that 22 months, that's only $2.27/month. In exchange you get to enjoy all the benefits it offers instead of missing out while you wait for something that might not show up for 10 or 22 or more months.


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Jun 19, 2013
Buy it now if you have mire than one tv in your home. You can always move it to a secondary tv when a newer model comes out.


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Jan 10, 2005
I would think an Apple TV in 2017 that does 4k iTunes and 4k apps is likely. I doubt it will be much different from the current one otherwise.
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