Apple TV HD ALAC Support?

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    I have a third gen Apple TV. I have converted my CDs and HD Music to ALAC. Most of the content is 16 bit at 44.1K but the HD music is 24bit at 96k and 192K. I loaded all the music into itunes and it all plays fine. I have an HDMI compatible Home Theater preamp that I use to play the music. So I am using the HDMI audio on the Apple TV not the optical output. My questions are: Does the Apple TV and itunes truly support HD ALAC. If so, what setting do I have to adjust for the best sound quality? How is the HD music being processed? Is the HD ALAC music (24 bit at 96K and 192K) being directly passed through to my preamp or it being down sampled some where along the way.

    Thanks for your help.
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    ALAC and iTunes supports 24/96 (and I think 192), even multi-channel. However it looks like (not positive) ATV only supports 16/48 (44.1). Also I think AirPlay only supports 16/48 (44.1). Knowing Apple they will only offer 24/96 or 192 on an ATV4 after they start selling lossless HD music (if rumors are true).

    Your processor doesn't have a feature to show what the native input stream type (LPCM, DD DTS,...) and sampling/bit rate is?

    Also ALAC would be decoded/uncompressed and passed as LPCM. I don't think there is a way to directly output native ALAC (or many receivers/processors that can decode it even though it's open source).

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