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Oct 25, 2007
Hi, i'm posting this on the off chance that somebody can help!

I have recently purchased an Apple TV and am having trouble with the sound. The picture works fine and everything else in terms of the controls - i just can't hear anything!
I'm using the HDMI to DVI cable along with the xtreme HD audio cables. Everything appears to be in place but frustratingly enough there is no sound.
The TV I have is an LG M198WA LCD, which im assuming is compatible!?!.
If anyone has any genius ideas/advice (apart from 'check all the cables are inserted properly' :) I will be eternally grateful!!!!!!



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Apr 12, 2006
Long Island
Is the default setup the optical port?

I think in the settings menu there are options for this. I have mine directly to the TV using HDMI, but I have the Optical port to my AVR (for now). I have both turned on, which I thought was through the settings menu.


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Oct 23, 2003
Hmmmm.... I think it has been established that all of the audio outs -- optical, stereo (RCA), HDMI -- are all 'live' all the time. I just checked the settings menu on my :apple:TV and I don't see anywhere that you can change the audio settings, which supports this.

It is possible that the TV needs to be configured to use the audio port that you've plugged into on it. Does your TV have multiple audio inputs, paired to corresponding video inputs? Mine has a half dozen or so of each, and you have to make sure the source's audio is plugged in to the same 'channel' as the video input you've selected, or you won't hear anything.

Regardless, there should be audio coming out of whichever audio port you're plugged in to on the :apple:TV, so I would look at your TV's settings (and forgive me for saying it, but I'd double check the cables.)


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May 3, 2007
sandman42 is correct, the Apple TV outputs all sounds to all outputs simultaneously (HDMI, Optical and RCA).

I'd check that your cables work with some other audio device first. If they do but not the Apple TV, you may have some kind of hardware issue.

The only thing you can change in Settings for audio is whether you hear UI sounds or not (like selection and scrolling and hitting the end of a list).



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Jun 21, 2007
Colchester, UK.
I must admit that sometimes this happens to me with my Samsung LuCkerDder TerVe.

I have never quite got to the bottom of it, but I think it is generally one of my other inputs (DooVDe? Cable Box?) stealing the audio channel and not re-assigning it correctly when I change inputs.

That's my guess anyway.

Try unplugging your other devices, or just swithcing the lot 'off and on again' as they say on the tellies.

Thank you much love.

- Please note all jokes (c) channel 4 productions 'phonejacker' / 'I.T. crowd'

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