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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Forestdeath, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Hi Guys,

    I've just got an Apple TV and syncd my Music, TV Shows & Movies and everything is looking wicked apart from my Music... Tags file names ect... Now I have alot of singles which later on end up being released on an entire album by the artist.

    The question is, Do you think I should leave all the singles as they are? or rename them so they make up the Album? Which looks better?
  2. Forestdeath thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 4, 2009
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    Oct 30, 2006
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    I have several singles that were later released as part of albums in my Library as well. I keep the single versions as being part of the single, as sometimes the single versions are "radio edits" that are slightly different (usually shorter) than the album version. Otherwise, they would really start to look like duplicates.

    Question: Are these singles individual downloads, or are they part of an actual "single" release, such as a CD maxi single? Ultimately, how important is it to you to keep both on your :apple:TV?

    Of course, only you can answer that. Myself, I'd create a big playlist of what I wanted to have on my :apple:TV, and sync only that music rather than my entire music library. This will allow you to store more photos and video locally on the :apple:TV.
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    Oct 4, 2009
    Thanks for the reply, The singles are just the one song, When a new song is released that I like I'll download it, Then their album will be released and more singles will be released and I'll end up buying for songs from the album and future single releases.

    I've got a bit of an OCD of making everything look perfect :D

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