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Original poster
Mar 21, 2011
Is this happening to anyone ?

I'm posted this to Apple's discussion, and they tell me take it to Apple as it's a hardware issue..

I refuse to believe this, because everything is fine otherwise, outside TV Shows or as long as i'm not in viewing description.

When it happen, trying other remotes (3rd Generation "silver" remote) also has the issue.. so i don't thinks it's remote.

The problem is also intermittent, and does not show up, but more noticeable after watching shows for 30 minutes or so.

Other TV shows like the one above, has more jerky navigation when issue a happens, then others when it becomes jerky, its only jerky a tad..

Resetting All Settings/Restoring via iTunes over USB-C, waking up from Standby, and resterting are all temp. fixes only, as the problem will happen again.


Jun 30, 2007
What are the results if you run the speedtest app on the apple tv when this is happening?

Jayson A

macrumors 68030
Sep 16, 2014
I have laggy navigation as well. If it wasn't for all the lag, it would be a perfect device. Playing content is stutter-free, but navigation stutters constantly, especially in Netflix.
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