HomePod Apple TV lagging w/ HomePods among other issues

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    Issue 1
    I hooked up two HomePods, in stereo, to my Apple TV 4K last night. I noticed once I did this, it was pretty laggy. Good half second. I notice the lag when I nagivate the Apple TV menus. Is there any fix for this? I have AirPlay 2 going on my ATV and my HP's are updated with the latest software

    Issue 2
    I can't seem to make the HomePods the default sound source. I set it up that way with the ATV but it feels like if I jump into YouTube app and then Netflix, it may revert back to my TV speakers and then I have to tell the ATV to use HomePod once again.

    Kind of disappointing to say the least, I know the HPs aren't, at this time, recognized to be a soundbar replacement but I sure hope they can fix these issues. I am surprised these issues exist with AirPlay 2 out
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    Oct 30, 2015
    I suspect lag or other network issues are likely to be caused by the router. AirPort routers seem to overcome many problems that can occur with third-party models.
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    Lag - most likely a connection issue. The connection between my stereo paired pods and my bedroom apple tv is super snappy and has had no lag ever.
    Also, I've noticed when I flip through menus the system sounds are actually coming out of the TV and only when I play something does the sound come out of the HomePods.
    Once I set the HomePods as the audio output they remain that way unless I airplay from another source(iPad, phone etc.) then I would have to re-assign them from the Apple TV. But they remain hooked up even overnight if I don't "replace" the Apple TV as the source. Is this not happening for you ?
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    Its not a connection issue, I don't believe. The lag never occurred until I hooked up my stereo Homepods and started Airplaying and playing all Apple TV content through them. There is no lag in terms of audio/video syncing... it is just the Apple TV menus. Scrolling from one icon to the next, there is noticeable lag. My Apple TV is hooked up via ethernet, on a 200mbs connection.

    I do have to reassign my HomePods if I airplay from another source, as you describe.

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