Apple TV network issue?!?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by roland.g, Apr 13, 2007.

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    I have an Apple TV connected wireless to my 802.11g Airport Extreme network and my Mini. Syncing and Streaming work great, but, it seems like everyday I go to the Sources and it is not connected. I have to go into settings, network, and configure wireless, and re-enter my password each time.

    Anyone have this issue or know why it might do this. It's getting annoying. The only thing I haven't done and should do before calling Applecare is download and install 10.4.9, currently 4.8 and I think there may be one new Airport update, but it lists fixes for notebooks and says nothing about Apple TV.
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    Nov 8, 2006

    Ive noticed this as well. Next time it happens, leave it. Goto your iTunes and add a tune or something. I think you will find the system will sync automatically again and the connection re-made. It may take a short time, and will only happen when the ATV is idle.
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    ok. Here is my question.

    Im running on a G network and I dont have a problem with anything else in my network but with this, its sending about 4950 songs from iTunes to the AppleTV and im on day 3 of it doing this....

    and its only gotten like 500 songs sent so is taking so long. At this rate (and its running about 12 hours a day) its gonna take a month to send all my songs :eek:

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