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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by musiclvr, Jun 7, 2016.

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    I'm thinking about getting my first Apple TV but am pretty unfamiliar with how it all works. I have tons of iTunes music and movies on my iMac that I want to be able to play through my speakers connected to my TV/sound system. I also want to be able to play movies from my iMac on my TV. Does this require an Apple TV? Will I have to have the content on the actual Apple TV device? Or will I be able to "stream" it from my iMac through the Apple TV?

    I don't think I'll need the 64GB version if I am able to store everything on my iMac. What exactly would I need that much space for on the device itself?

    I'd appreciate any input on how all of this works.
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    If its in iTunes then an Apple TV will stream it.... Set up Hone sharing on both iTunes and Apple TV with the same Apple ID :

    There is no optical audio out on Apple TV (4th gen), but can be still done:

    Home sharing can only be done on the same local network.. as your Mac sharing.

    The new Apple TV 4 u can install apps from the App store... much the same way u can do it on iPhone and iPad...

    the only reason why I think u'd need more storage on Apple TV is for games levels etc...... but if gaming on a big screen isn't your thing or downloading heaps of apps, then the default would be fine.

    Enjoy your purchase.
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    If you have a receiver with AirPlay, you can easily do that from your iMac without an ATV, but you can also do it through your ATV as well if you don't have a receiver or any AirPlay capability.

    See above


    Yes, again, see above.

    You don't need it, the ATV doesn't store anything. I've got a 64gb and only use ~500mb if that.

    Based on your questions, I don't think you understand the concept of the AppleTV, it's designed to essentially be a set top streaming box that pulls all of the videos from their servers. It sounds like you want to just stream stuff from your iMac to your TV, and you don't need an ATV to do that necessarily, but it could help out if you don't have the necessary equipment to do so.
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    You can stream either through iTunes directly or from your computer. There are also apps that allow you to access content from various other services (Netflix, etc.) or to access non-iTunes files you have stored elsewhere. Basically, it's an easy way to get many types of content on your TV, and it also allows you to play games, control HomeKit devices, etc., provided apps exist for whatever you're trying to do.

    Connecting it to your sound system requires HDMI with the current AppleTV. It's a single-wire connection if your system supports it; the HDMI connection transmits both video and audio. If your receiver doesn't have HDMI or doesn't support HDMI audio, you can run the HDMI to your television and either make your TV an audio input source for your receiver (many TVs have an optical output, for example) or purchase a device that converts the HDMI audio output to one you can use.

    No, if you're just streaming movies, you don't need the 64GB version (and I suspect most people don't). The extra space is for apps.
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    Thank you all for the information! I think I have a much better understanding of how it works now. I think I'll just go with the 3rd gen model since I don't need the extra storage.
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    IMHO you should go with the 4th gen. It has more to offer than just storage for games. If you use a Pay TV provider (cable/Sat) or you consume content OTA. you can use the Apple TV instead of a set top box from the TV provider.
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    The third gen model does not do all of the things discussed in this thread, as it has no App Store. What you want is the 4th Gen model, but not the 64GB version.

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