Apple TV not gigabit?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by roland.g, May 21, 2008.

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    Am I correct that the ethernet jack on an Apple TV is actually only an 10/100 not a 10/100/1000 base gigabit port? But that the wireless is N speed...

    I am looking to renovate my house along with an addition and would like to add a wired network, primarly for Apple TV units in order to avoid interference and dropped connections. There will be two tv rooms and a master bedroom that will all get Apple TVs and am planning on using a gigabit switch along with Cat 5E or Cat 6 and my AEBS gigabit router.

    Why are the Apple TV units only 10/100 base?
    Does it matter if they are the end unit, only the switch and router need to handle the gigabit traffic.... Can more than one Apple TV location stream movies or music or tv shows at the same time from a single Mac/iTunes library?
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    I wasn't aware that the AppleTV did not support gigabit, but really it doesn't matter. The bitrate supported by the AppleTV will easily be supported by a 100MB connection.
    I suppose that the time to sync might be (slighty) slower then if gigabit was supported, but there are other bottlenecks that make 100MB a fairly optimal speed. Gigabit would essentially be wasted. Honestly, unless Apple could add gigabit support w/o any increase in manufacturing cost, it would be silly to include it.
    Don't worry about mixing different speed devices on your wired network either. All routers thee days are switched devices and allow for optimal bandwidth between any two end points w/o effecting other devices.

    And yes, one iTunes library can stream to many AppleTVs.

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