Apple TV questions


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Feb 12, 2010
Long time lurker first time poster? lol anyway, I have an Apple TV I think 3rd gen. It is the one last one with the silver remote. My setup is a local wifi system no internet. my MacBook will share screen but I can not access any movies on my MacBook. I see them there, but when I try to play it from the atv it tells me its unsupported file. I downloaded them straight from my iTunes into the laptop. It from time to time tells me I have to sign in but there is no internet where we are. I have to take the laptop into town to download movies. is the atv3 not able to stream movies off the laptops anymore?


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Jan 13, 2011
I think it is. But if you want to browse and initiate this process from aTV UI, you are using Home Sharing.
And HS requires authentication (iTunes Store login).
Without it, you shall still be able to use AirPlay, but this means you initiate the playback from iTunes on Mac and select AirPlay from the player beaming to aTV.