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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by EngramAgility, Nov 1, 2012.

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    I did some pretty extensive searching on this one and came up empty. I read an article on Cult of Mac about Apple TV being able to send audio to AirPlay enabled speakers. I was curious though, can I rent a movie on Apple TV and then send just the audio to my iPhone? :confused:

    I have a home theatre and everything set up in the basement, but this Apple TV is in my bedroom and I wanted to be able to watch things on it while streaming to my iPhone while wearing headphones so I don't wake anybody else in the house.

    I just got the Apple TV yesterday and I'm running iOS 6 and Mountain Lion on my late 2008 MBP.

    I'm open to other suggestions as well, I suppose I could always put a Airport Express on my night stand and plug headphones into that. Or I could buy wireless headphones and just plug the audio out from my TV into them. I just wanted to see if there was a way to do it so I can use my current Bose QC15s.

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    Check out an application called "Airfoil" by Rougue Amoeba. It allows you to stream audio from any application to an AppleTV OR to an iDevice (once you install their "Airfoil Speakers" app on the iDevice). I've used it to stream Spotify and such to an AppleTV and it works great. I have not played with the built in video player, but if it works as well as the audio does streaming does, there should not be any problems.
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    I have used Airfoil for a while now, I can send audio from my mac to my iPhone and Apple TV, what I want to do is send audio from my Apple TV to my iPhone. I think what it basically comes down to is if the iPhone can receive AirPlay from the Apple TV :)
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    iphone can't receive airplay audio.

    the airfoil app for the phone did for a while, but they were forced to remove it.

    and not home so can't confirm, but i believe the aTV only sends music audio, so if there's video, the audio will play on the aTV.
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    Thanks guys, I called Apple support last night and they told me it wasn't possible :( I thought it would be pretty cool ... *sigh*
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    This should change.. They (apple) is now chasing Roku 3. Audio plays flawlessly over WiFi on earbuds plugged into remote.
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    It has, in the latest version of the aTV OS you can send audio to airplay speakers including from video.
    but that still doesn't get around the fact, that currently, there is no way to receive airplay audio on the iPhone.

    hopefully apple will add airplay receiver functionality to the remote app.

    not really,

    i don't have the 3, but i do have an XS, the remote on that one is bluetooth, which i'm guessing the new one is too. so really it's probably just a bluetooth headset.

    the real reason they are behind roku is the lack of an app store. and that's been around a lot longer than today (when the 3 came out).
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    Thought I had figured it out...but no

    I figured that I could mirror video from my iPhone to my Apple TV and plug headphones into my iPhone, but Apple doesn't allow mirroring of protected content.

    I am deaf in one ear and losing hearing in the other, so a feature like this would be very helpful for when I want to watch TV late at night while my partner is in bed asleep. It seems like a simple Airplay tweak is all that is needed, so what's the holdup Apple?
  10. institute, Mar 21, 2013
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    You might be able to set up your idevice to receive audio from the ATV if you can get a hold of the appropriate software and install it. It probably requires a jailbreak at this point in time.

    There is a hint on MacOSXHints that tells you how to do it. Again, easy if your idevice is jailbroken.

    I did this using Airfloat on my jailbroken iPod Touch and it works while watching a film, although it did cut out occasionally. It is probably more reliable with just an audio stream.

    Of course, you can--as mentioned above--always just buy wireless headphones for 40-100 bucks that plug into your TV.
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    If you have Airfoil, and you have an audio output (3.5mm jack) on your tv. Send this audio to your laptop or pc. Choose the input source on Airfoil, and away you go. You will now have audio sent to your phone.
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