Apple TV w/ 65" TV mounted over mantle

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    This is an informative post, for those who are looking for a similar solution:

    I recently setup my Apple TV with our 65" TV which is mounted over the mantle. I have some video on my Mac Pro, and use home sharing to stream to my Apple TV (would love to be able to watch Amazon Prime Video via Apple TV, but that's an issue for another post). Due to the height of the mantle above the floor, I was looking for some sort of mount which allowed me to pull down the TV to a more comfortable viewing angle.

    It took a while to research all the available options, but I settled on the Down & Out Swivel mount from This mount (~$570) is a lot less than the motorized mounts I found (~$2000 anyone?) and works great. Couldn't be happier with it, in fact, and highly recommended to anyone looking to do something similar. :)

    If I remember correctly, the mount holds up to 120 pounds (my 65" is about 70 pounds, for reference), so no problem carrying the weight of most TVs (and your Apple TV, if you have that mounted on the back of your TV).

    If you think ~$570 is a bit steep, they do have a rebate program to offset some of the cost (up to $100), if you're willing to post photos/videos about your setup to social media, forums, etc. I'm looking forward to getting this rebate myself, actually. :)

    Hope this is helpful to anyone else looking for a similar solution. Here are links to some pictures of our setup so you can see how it works.

    Topmost position above mantle:


    Middle position (you can keep the mount at any position):


    Bottommost position:

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    this was 350 dollars. it's gnarly bright any 72 inches. 3000 lumens, wxga... (less dense, but 72>65... lower DPI, but still hd not 1700 dollars lolz)

    500.... a mount.... unless you are rich, you wasted your money

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