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    We've had an A-TV for a while, and we've not been able to keep the tv from waking up/interfering with the Imac. We have not linked the ATV to the computer, but the I-Tunes screen comes up on the computer and random itunes music will play, or if we're working on the computer, we constantly have to hit esc and turn off I-tunes because it will block anything we're doing. A lot of times one of us will be wanting to watch tv, while the other is on the computer, and even the geniuses at the macstore looked at me as if I was completely nuts, but it is getting quite annoying....
    Does anybody know why it does this, but most of all how to fix it?

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    It could be the ATV remote is inadvertently controlling iTunes on computer. Make sure "disable remote control infrared receiver" box is checked in Sys. Pref's> Security and Privacy> Advanced tab on the iMac.

    Also check iTunes pref's> Devices tab for paired remotes.
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