apple tv1 in car initial testing

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by EvilC5, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    so I hacked one of my older atv1's to have the composite out, and picked up a 400w inverter, and configured one of my airport expresses.

    Initially, it came off without a hitch, but after a few cycles testing it got frustrating.

    my plan is to put this in my corvette showcar and be able to control it from my iphone at shows but wanted to make sure its stable before i mount it.

    put it in our suv this weekend, and noticed that its not an instant on setup, it takes probably 2 minutes to get everything booted and set. I still cannot get my AE to give out correct IP addresses from the dhcp pool, but I havent really messed with it either.

    once everything is on, it works great, I was able to control it with remote HD installed and the app on my phone. but ideally, the apple remote app would be better to control it.

    I placed the ATV1 in the console closed up, and I thought it would be ok with the heat, but after about 2 hours, it was pretty warm in there so i pulled it back out.

    overall, being that I had all of this other than the inverter laying around, it will be a pretty slick setup once I get all of the kinks worked out, and it carrys more dorra the explorer than my itouch to keep my son occupied in the car on a 5 hour

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