Apple TV2 without HDMI? Audio only?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by C.Kowalski, May 14, 2013.

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    Hey there,

    first off, I'm sorry, if there's a topic on this already. I did search Google high and low for any suggestions but not this forum, though lots of Google results lead me to here. But still no satisfying solution found.

    I got an Apple TV (2nd Gen.) from a friend who bought the new ATV and was excited at first, but when I came home, I realised that my TV has no HDMI input. Also, it's not HD-ready, well it's an old one. I barely watch TV anyway, so I thought on using it as a audio-streaming box.

    Is audio-only streaming possible? Like if it was an AirPort Express. I guess, I'll need to set it up via iTunes on my Mac (got to find a micro-USB cable), right? And then use the Optical Audio (Toslink) connection on the back. Well, my soundsystem (a Logitech Z523) has a Koaxial/Cinch (I don't know, who you guys call it) RCA-input on its back (red and white).

    So how are my options? Can I put this little thing to work without spending a fortune for adaptors and such things?
    Also, is it somehow possible to use it with a computer monitor? My current monitor setup has a MiniDisplayPort-to-DVI (it has VGA, too) but no HDMI, sadly.

    As you can read, I'm currently figuring out, how to use the Apple TV. Video streaming would be nice, but not as important than AirPlay-Audio.

    Very old TV without support for HD (not even 720p) and no HDMI
    Soundsystem without Optical Audio/Toslink but RCA/Cinch
    Computer monitor with DVI and VGA.
    MacBook Pro with ML on it + iPhone 4 with iOS6 for AirPlaying.

    I'm excited about what ideas you guys come up with and thanks in advance. :)
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    if you want to use it for audio you would need to search for an optical to rca adapter, if you want to video stream there is a hdmi to vgi adapter to go into your monitor but then you would need to figure out audio alongside it, unless your receiver is near it
  3. MFL2012 macrumors member

    Jul 27, 2012
    No chance of buying a new receiver or sound system? You can get a 5.1 setup for $200 or so that has all the inputs you need. You could also sell the ATV and put the money towards some Airplay enabled speakers and use your MBP or iPhone to stream your music anywhere you want.
  4. waw74 macrumors 68030

    May 27, 2008
    video is easy, DVI and HDMI are the same video signal. those cables are cheap (under $5)

    and an optical to analog converter for the audio for $23.

    you can also get the optical cable and the RCA cables if you need them from the site that i linked to for a buck or 2 each. should be able to get everything you need for around $30 to 35 shipped
  5. FreakinEurekan macrumors 68040


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    Apple TV 2 sells used for at least $150 on eBay, sell it and buy an Airport Express that has analog audio out & will connect into your system.

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