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    Feb 26, 2008
    These are the prices for Apple products from the Higher Education store. The HE store has lower prices than the other education stores, but you need to be at your institution to access it.

    Here are the prices, in case you want to know and can't get there, or if you're a student not yet at uni and want to save a bit of cash.

    Mac Mini
    120GB Model: £449.65
    320GB Model: £584.20

    White Model: £618.70
    Alu 2.0Ghz Model: £799.25
    Alu 2.4Ghz Model: £967.15

    MacBook Air
    1.6Ghz Model: £1092
    1.86Ghz Model: £1514

    MacBook Pro
    15" 2.4Ghz Model: £1163.80
    15" 2.66Ghz Model: £1454.75
    17" Model: £1657.15

    20" Model: £834.90
    24" 2.66Ghz Model: £1055.70
    24" 2.93Ghz Model: £1319.05
    24" 3.06Ghz Model (with 1Tb HDD): £1583.55

    Quad Core: From £1595.05
    Octo Core: From £2098.75

    500Gb: £203.55
    1Tb: £336.95

    AEBS: £124.20
    Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable: £10.01
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    London, UK
    Thanks for this information. I am no longer entitled to an HE discount as far as I know, but could have done with the price scheme when I was. I'm sure it will preempt a lot of new HE discount threads.

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Not just for students!

    Although most probably know this, employees at the institutions get the same deal. The wording has changed so that non-academic employees are included as well.

    Also, although universities make up the bulk of the institutions under the HE deal, some others are included (e.g. The City Academy, Bristol).
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    Mar 21, 2009
    wish I saw this before I purchased

    If this helps, I recently order(on the phone) spec below for £1,721.55 under HE Student price

    2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB 1066Mz DDR3 SDRM-2x2GB
    320GB Serial ATA @ 7200
    SuperDrive 8X DL

    which includes VAT and EMEA CC- HE CONTRACT UPLIFT MB PRO-INT for £50

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