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    Hi, I did ask on the mega "waiting for Haswell MBP" thread but think its been lost in the ranting!! I couldn't wait any longer for a laptop after I sold my rMBP (i didn't think it would be that fast) a few months ago. However I am in the middle of some very important university work that needs to be done (applying for internships etc) and the use of the just the uni PCs is not enough! So I've bought a standard 13" MBA from Apple with edu discount; my girlfriend has an 11" one but I don't like it as much. The question is, if Apple releases a new rMBP on the rumoured 15th or before, can I return this MBA back to Apple? I think its 14 days which is fine but is it okay if I use it. I remember reading somewhere that it is but just need to check because even if I had wanted the MBA I would have liked some upgrades which I felt was unnecessary for a short time

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    From the Apple Uk site:

    For iPhone returns, please refer to the iPhone Sales Policy section below. For all other products, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product with the original receipt and original packaging within fourteen (14) calendar days of purchase. The following additional restrictions apply to these returns:

    If the item is returned in the original box, we will exchange it or offer a refund.
    Opened software, memory, and other media can be exchanged for the same item, but cannot be returned for a refund.
    Custom-configured products, including personalized iPods, cannot be returned or exchanged.
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    Okay thanks for that! So as long as I keep the box etc and just package it back up then she they accept it! Do you know if apple need to receive it with 14 days or I have to put in for a refund by then??
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    You just need to have asked for the return.

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