Apple ultra-portable in January ?


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Mar 29, 2006
What do you make of this news ? Is it a genuine source ?

A 10" like Fujitsu Lifebook would be a great travel companion but a handheld would be a completely different thing.

Eager analyst reckons we’ll have a new Apple-flavoured portable in the next few months!

Were all those reports of a touchscreen iPod really about an ultra-portable Apple?

The dreams of many Apple fans could be about to come true – rumour has it the iPod maker is branching out in to “ultra-portable” computers, using Flash memory to make a super light and extra fast handheld.

Wall Street analyst Ben Reitzes reckons Apple’s new best buddy Intel will help create the fabled device we’ve all been expecting for so long.

Using Flash memory, a new Apple portable could start up in seconds, be virtually shock-proof, sleek and silent – just the way we like it!

We reckon there’s mileage in this – especially if Apple’s plans for camera screens, mobile video conferencing and wireless technology are anything to go by.

Apple also patented a touch screen interface recently, with diagrams bearing a striking resemblance to Samsung's handheld Q1 PC.

Reitzes moots a January release date for the new product, just in time to catch the Macworld show in San Francisco.

So, are Apple working on a touch screen MacBook nano? It’s the utopian dream for many Mac fans, we’re just hoping it’s more fact than fiction!