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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced new photography features coming to its native Camera and Photos app this fall with the release of iOS 13, including a redesigned UI and a more advanced version of Portrait Lighting.


The new photo editing features allow users to more easily see their settings at a glance and make adjustments by tapping and dragging. The changes are also coming to video, which will allow users to rotate a video in the edit screen.

Apple says Portrait Lightning has also been taken to a new level, by allowing users to adjust the intensity of the lighting effect to virtually move light closer or further from the subject.

In the Photos app, a new browsing interface allows you to organize and search your pictures more easily, and the app will employ advanced AI to create new layouts of multiple shots whenever you view them.

Videos will play automatically upon selection, while new Days and Years features let you see collections of images in a more organized and chronological manner.

Article Link: Apple Unveils New Photo Browsing and Editing Features Coming With iOS 13


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Nov 7, 2018
What is more sad that the crowd at WWDC are no longer existed (as there’s nothing to be excited about), they have to wait for the crowd enforcers aka the clappers to clap to get them going.
Also Apple stock is nosediving. I’m not sure what is more sad.


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Sep 20, 2012
Editing videos directly in the photos app is literally the only thing that has me excited for iOS 13.


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Jun 21, 2018
Staines, East London
Some really simple things could be added to the photos app that would make it far more useful.

Like a way to sort for and find raw files easier. A simple toggle to be able to see your photo’s exposure setting while browsing (ISO, aperture, SS) without having to open up a separate app—or even deal with the menu.

A thin, semi transparent “heart” shape to like a photo and the same to delete. Little shortcuts like this would make reviewing and culling photos so much faster and easier.

I don’t give a flying fk about “enhanced Portrait Lighting” when the fundamental UI is still so clunky and slow to edit, inspect or manipulate a photo.
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