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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced a major update to its video creation app Clips for iPhone and iPad, with key new features including a refreshed interface, support for both vertical and horizontal video, HDR recording with iPhone 12, and more.


Clips 3.0, available today on the App Store, features a streamlined interface with faster access to effects. On the iPad, Clips now supports landscape orientation, Scribble with Apple Pencil, and the use of a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad. The new version of the app also lets users make videos in multiple aspect ratios, including horizontal and vertical.

Clips on iPhone automatically opens to a new 16:9 vertical project, while on the iPad it opens to a new 4:3 landscape project.

Clips 3.0 has been optimized for HDR video recording using the rear cameras on all iPhone 12 models, resulting in higher contrast and more vibrant colors. These videos can be augmented with eight new stickers, six additional arrows and shapes, and 25 new soundtracks that automatically adjust to match the length of videos.

For more details about the Clips update, read the Apple Newsroom release.

Article Link: Apple Updates Clips App With New Design, HDR Video Recording With iPhone 12, Improved iPad Experience, and More
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As a teacher, I use this app all the time for my classes. I also use it to make birthday, anniversary etc video's for friends and family. Huge potential, but they had kind of let it lapse. So happy they updated/upgraded it! Landscape, finally!

I can't wait to update it and play with it. I'm waiting on the 12 Pro Max, and then it should really fly!

Be Safe!

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Jan 10, 2018
Always thought it was good but underestimated app. Not seeing it yet but looking forward to using it for some upcoming iMessages today....


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May 18, 2012
Oh nice. I had fiddled around with Clips a while back. But didn't really care for its square only interface. Time to give it a whirl again.


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Jul 22, 2008
X3! How did I miss this and it's already on v3.0? Will def give it a try when the 12 Pro arrives Friday!

Feeling a bit stupid...or maybe just age kicking in....was updating my apps just now and saw Clips in the list. So apparently I DID know about it, downloaded it....and forgot all about it.

Of course I've got many apps I downloaded and forgot about/never use. *facepalm*


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May 23, 2008
They removed the STAR WARS clips?????? That was the best part of it!!!! DON’T UPDATE THE APP if you still want the STAR WARS clips
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