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Apr 12, 2001

Swift Playgrounds, the Apple-designed iPad app that aims to teach children and adults of all ages how to code using the Swift programming language, was today updated to version 1.6 alongside the release of iOS 11.

The new Swift Playgrounds update introduces a new Augmented Reality challenge that uses ARKit in iOS 11 to showcase Byte's virtual world within the real world. Byte is a Swift Playgrounds character that's used to guide students through the coding process.

Swift Playgrounds now allows students to access the iPad camera in their code, and errors that are in code are more clearly explained for a better understanding of the mistakes that have been made.

Swift Playgrounds can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Apple Updates Swift Playgrounds With New Augmented Reality Challenge


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Jul 29, 2015
Wait, 1.6? What happened to 2? I thought for sure it’d release today... I wanted to play with Swift 4. (I don’t have a Mac right now.)

Edit: Checking the release notes, this actually does include Swift 4 support. Guess they decided to stick with a lower version number? Or 2 is for more features which are still coming later.
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