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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MVPinFLA, Aug 6, 2016.

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    I currently use T-mobile and plan to order a new phone after next month's announcement. I want to start using the Apple Upgrade program so I can get a new phone every year with free Apple Care. From what I have read, the only way to get on the program if you have a T-Mobile phone is to order it in the store, as opposed to being able to do it online for most carriers. Is there any way to get on the program when the phones are released without having to wait in the store; which I haven't done in years? Can the phone be ordered online and then converted to the Apple Upgrade Program?
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    No one even knows anything about the next iPhone yet.
    Once it's released and announced the procedures and further details will be out. All anyone can do now is speculate but it doesn't mean it will be the same options and availability as last year.
    Also usually tmobile offers special deals to their customers that make the phone cheaper than other options out there so I'm interested to see if they do the same this year.
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    Do you realize the AppleCare+ on the iPhone upgrade program is not free? It is just added to the monthly payments. The program even mentions it online while you are going through the steps; excluding the tmobile one of course. If tmobile offers a deal like last year I would just wait for that one. I used it to get the 6s 128GB version for $15/month for 18 months, and pay $200 to keep it after 18 months.
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    So I'm with T-mobile and want to enroll in the Apple Upgrade Program for the first time when I preorder iPhone 7 but it doesn't look like I won't be able to do this online.

    What if when I'm preordering online and picked AT&T or Verizon as my carrier and then enroll in apple upgrade program, once I get the new iPhone 7, can I just stick my tmobile sim on there since the iPhone nowadays are unlocked?

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