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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Riverside, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Don't let the Macrumors level fool you.
    I just picked up the new Apple USB modem.

    I did not get for dial-up, but rather for use with a fax/answering machine software.

    The software is VentaFax & Voice, version 5.71, which is installed on a Bootcamp Windows XP PRO SP3 installation.

    The software works perfectly on another XP Home Edition machine, but with an Agere PCI modem.

    What's missing with this Apple modem (in XP at least), is all of the voice capabilities.:eek:

    It registers in XP as a Motorola SM56 Data/Fax modem and the Motorola documentation installed says the modem is Data/Fax only, and NOT Speakerphone.:eek:

    I've rebooted into Mac OS to see whether voice features might work on the Mac side (suspecting it may be the wrong modem - Apple DOES advertise this as working with Telephone Answering Machine softwares as well as Fax, but does NOT support the modem for Windows applications).

    On the off-chance voice features might work on the Mac side, I switched over and installed the trial version of Ovolab Phlink (the only down-loadable shareware TAM software I could locate). Unfortunately, I discovered Phlink only works with their own adapter (how handy, why the heck is it downloadable?), and NOT with the Apple USB modem. Unfortunately, I have not found any way to test the voice capabilities in the Mac OS so far.

    The reason I wanted to try it on the Mac side was to see if it did indeed have voice capability there. If not, then this is definitely NOT the correct modem.

    It IS a soft modem after all, and I have no idea how much of the capability is defined by the hardware, and how much is by the software.

    My questions are:

    1) Has anyone else used this modem for answering machine services on either Mac, or XP [Bootcamp] systems?

    2) Does anyone know whether the fact that this modem is showing up in XP with NO voice capability means it won't have it in Mac either?

    3) IF this modem IS the correct modem, HAS voice capability on the Mac OS, and NOT on XP, is there a way to possibly install a different driver that would work on XP for all functions, or is there possibly a way to have it custom scripted to make it work?
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Don't let the Macrumors level fool you.
    Okay, so I misinterpreted that. What the add says is that it supports "Telephone answering," and I incorrectly interpreted that to mean it works with answering machine softwares.

    This, unfortunately for me, is incorrect. What it does mean is that it supports you answering the phone without losing your dial-up connection.

    The modem has no voice capability.

    IMHO: That's pretty unclear advertising, and I'm out $49 for a modem I have no use for.

    Live and learn. I should have called them first.
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    Dec 11, 2008
    software mac voice modem apple

    I m Flavio from Italy
    I found this link , can it help you?

    please send me back your impressions about it and if it works with Apple voice modem, I m going to buy it if it works



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