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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has an intriguing hidden feature for its Apple Vision Pro spatial computer in the first developer beta of visionOS. The feature, termed "Travel Mode," is specifically aimed at enhancing the user experience while on board an airplane.


Given that the cabin of an airplane with its enclosed space and unique environmental factors can be challenging for VR devices, Travel Mode seems to be Apple's solution for ensuring a smoother experience.

Travel Mode: The Breakdown

Within the first developer beta for visionOS, we've discovered several text strings which shed light on the functionality of this new feature. The key prompts include:

  • Are you on an airplane?
  • If you're on an airplane, you'll need to keep Travel Mode on to continue using your Apple Vision Pro.
  • Remain stationary in Travel Mode.
  • Remain stationary while this mode turns off.
  • Some awareness features will be off.
  • The current fit may reduce gaze accuracy.
  • Turn on Travel Mode when you're on an airplane to continue using your Apple Vision Pro.
  • Your representation is unavailable while Travel Mode is on.
From these text strings, it is apparent that Travel Mode is designed to adapt the functionality of Apple Vision Pro for the specific constraints of an airplane cabin.

Disabled Awareness Features

One of the text strings indicates that "some awareness features will be off." This suggests that certain sensors and features which depend on spatial awareness might be turned off or scaled down. In an airplane, the proximity to other passengers and limited space could potentially cause these features to behave erratically or inaccurately. By disabling or limiting them, Travel Mode may help ensure that the user does not have an unpleasant or disrupted VR experience.

Digital Personas Unavailable

The phrase "Your representation is unavailable while Travel Mode is on" implies that Digital Personas might not be available in this mode. The exact reason is not clear, but it might be connected to the constrained space and the disabled awareness features, which might affect the accuracy and representation of avatars.

Gaze Accuracy Reduction

The text also mentions that "The current fit may reduce gaze accuracy." This could mean that due to the position you might take when seated in an airplane, the headset might not sit as precisely as usual, affecting gaze tracking. However, Travel Mode seems to acknowledge this and potentially makes adjustments to compensate for it.

Staying Stationary

Another interesting prompt is "Remain stationary in Travel Mode." This might be a safety measure to ensure that users do not inadvertently move around or make large gestures while on a plane, which could be dangerous or disturbing to fellow passengers.


Apple's Travel Mode for the Apple Vision Pro is an example of thoughtful innovation, adapting the device to work efficiently in different environments. This feature demonstrates Apple's attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for its users regardless of the circumstances.

As Travel Mode is still in beta, we expect further refinements and potentially more features before it's rolled out to the general public. Stay tuned for more updates as we keep an eye on the evolution of Apple Vision Pro's Travel Mode.

Article Link: Apple Vision Pro to Feature 'Travel Mode' for Better In-Flight Experience


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May 14, 2012
Hopefully Apple is smart enough to have a "traveling mode"where the ups and downs of the vehicle or plane are reflected in watching the content because if Apple keeps everything stationary and your body is feeling up-and-down you will quickly become nauseated. :rolleyes:

I guess it helps to read the article, it looks like they are way ahead of me, excellent.
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Nov 11, 2005
Great, I can see it now — you're sitting in an aisle seat enjoying some movie on your shiny new Vision Pro...
...the person in the window seat doesn't want to disturb you, but is dying to use the lavatory. Tries to step over you, trips on the charging cable, falls on top of you smashing his head into your Vision Pro....


Jun 7, 2017
Good Ol' US of A
So you compared them to the visionPro side-by-side?
I don't need to. AirPods Max is $549 and has 20 hours of battery life and are comfy. My iPad Pro M1 12.9" was $1349 and has 5G capabilities with a 10-12 hour battery life.

The VisionPro has a 2 hour battery pack and is basically a scuba mask.

I don't care about 4K, HDR, or whatever buzzword is hot these days.

And I definitely know I do no want to wear my laptop on my face, regardless of how over engineered it is.

So, for $1900 bucks, or a little over half the cost of the VPScuba, I can have the same experience with a better battery life and a much more convenient and comfortable experience.
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Jul 21, 2009
Staying Stationary

Another interesting prompt is "Remain stationary in Travel Mode." This might be a safety measure to ensure that users do not inadvertently move around or make large gestures while on a plane, which could be dangerous or disturbing to fellow passengers.”

We all know what this is for..☺️
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