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    Dec 4, 2014

    I'd really like to see an apple computer that takes on the market against the chrome books. An online OS designed by apple run on iCloud would be pretty sweet, I'd picture to be what the OS would really look like.

    I really thought this would've been a good idea because for a while I liked the idea of a chromebook but I never really got interested in Google accounts and stuff, I also looked up Online Operating Systems(not chrome os) but it gave me an idea of iCloud being an OS run on cloud via internet browser.

    Some ideas on apps they should add into
    -iTunes + Music
    and many more 3rd party apps downloaded from the " Appstore". :apple:
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    Apple is not in the game to compete on every level with google, or compete for such low margin segments. I see no reason why they'd want to go and do that. They'll fail to make any profits.

    Dell tried the win marketshare by cutting the price and look where that got them.

    The chrome book certainly struck a chord with some consumers, but I think a competing product from apple sends the wrong message, and only sets them up to fail imo.

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