Apple warranty and liquid damage

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by daonesteven, Nov 11, 2011.

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    So I understand that warranty repairs are ineligible for damages as a result of liquid spills. But if I pay out of pocket to repair the damages (like replace the logic board), then is my warranty still voided for good? I just feel like it's unfair that if the spill happens one month into owning the product and I pay out of pocket to repair the damages caused by the spill, then I'm ineligible for warranty for the remaining 11 months of warranty or that it's useless for me to even buy applecare at that point. In fact, I would have gotten screwed if I bought applecare if I had gotten it when I bought my laptop, like how the apple employees tried to have me buy...
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    We typically assume that a liquid spill which tripped the LSIs (at any point) has wrecked the machine. Especially one which killed the logic board.

    A bad logic board can short any of the parts connected to it, theoretically.
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    water damage happened to me as well with my then new 3gs... two years passed by and I am still lucky enough to have it working properly...

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