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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Selfdestrukt, Mar 10, 2015.

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    It will be interesting to see what type of marketing/update plan they will be following.

    Time will tell but I do not believe people buy new expensive watches every year... yet tech moves very quick... so with the same form factor for the next 2,3,4 years they will be able to cram many more sensors, power, etc into it...

    Tear downs will determine if the apple watch part will be easily "popped" out so that people can just upgrade the guts..

    From a tech repair point of view it must be easy to replace... especially if someone breaks the glass or something malfunctions...

    So in a year or 2 will we just need to order the new "brain" and be able to have any watch/jewler store be able to swap it out just like expensive watch brands that usually require a special tool to open the clam shell casings for batteries or maintenance (see swiss watches)
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    They can't make the Watch too thin, otherwise the digital crown will be even more of a pain to rotate.
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    I don't think thinness is as important with the watch as it is with devices you hold.

    I don't expect the Watch 2, 3 or onwards to be significantly thinner. Sure over time miniaturisation will ensure the Watch can get a little thinner, but battery life will be crucial for a watch.

    With the iPhone, Apple have a mandate to ensure 4-5hrs of battery life. If they can do this and also increase the speed and make the device thinner they will. Same with the iPad, it has 10hrs of battery life and they will keep making the device thinner as long as it retains 10 hours battery. Both of these meet their expectation for battery life. Something that you have to hold keeps getting better the lighter and thinner it is.

    With the Watch, the current battery life is not ideal. Apple will want to keep improving this over time. So this means that making the device thinner will be less of a priority, as they will rather keep expanding battery life instead until they reach a point where current battery technology can meet their expectation for battery life. When that happens they will begin to make the device thinner.

    And we know they are not completely satisfied with battery life by needing to introduce features like 'Power Reserve' where they are putting battery management in the hands of the users. This is quite un-Apple like.

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